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GIZMO <br><span style=color:#FF0000;>【NEW】</span>
GIZMO <br><span style=color:#FF0000;>【NEW】</span>

An exceptional topwater bait, made from elastomer for ultra durability and buoyancy. A unique large tail design with a rear inserted weight shifts the center of gravity to the back of the bait, allowing for longer casts. Designed with hollow rubber arms for unbeatable twitching action, an ultra-sharp #2 Decoy hook and a translucent weed guard to keep tangles and snags to a minimum.


Length1-1/2" (40mm)
Weight3/64 oz (3g)
Hook size#2 Decoy Hook


  • Body - Built In #2 Decoy Hook and Weight

    Body is made from elastomer material that combines strength and buoyancy. Gizmo has an original hook design that compliments the balance and strength. Built-in weight to increase the flight distance and stabilize the floating posture on the water surface.

    Body - Built In #2 Decoy Hook and Weight
  • Wings

    The movement distance during shaking is reduced to create natural ripples.

  • Unique Large Tail

    Large tail that increases flight distance and buoyancy.

    Unique Large Tail
  • Hollow Legs

    An ultra-fine hollow silicone rubber that floats on the water surface and realistically imitates the legs of a roaring insect.

    Hollow Legs