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Grass Ripper

Grass Ripper <br><span style=color:#FF0000;>【NEW】</span>
Grass Ripper <br><span style=color:#FF0000;>【NEW】</span>

Engineered to swim strait and not roll over, the Grass Ripper’s ability to come through grass nice and clean opens new avenues for anglers to explore. Whether looking to fill a limit, set a new personal best, or simply enjoy a day of solid bassin’ at your favorite honey hole, these jigs offer a serious edge.

TypeMetal Jig
Weight1/4oz - 3/8oz - 1/2oz
Hook size4/0
MSRP$7.49 - $8.49


  • Custom Tear Dropped Shaped Head

    Teardrop-shaped head that angles smoothly from eyelet to base, the Grass Ripper gently slithers and glides over grass instead of trying to power through it.