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Killer-size FA-87 jerkbait produces the most powerful bite-inducing vibrations.

All of Morizo Shimizu’s theories about jerking is contained in this killer-size jerkbait. We kept the original FA-115 features of distance and action, but added natural bite-inducing vibrations to withstand tougher fishing conditions. The FA-87 takes the original performance of the FA-115 and gives it more natural, whether its in the irregular and wide-angled dart action, the tight wiggle action and pauses of a pumping retrieve, and its use as a bait tackle even at this size thanks to its casting distance. This killer jerkbait has a small body with the versatility to go from stillness to motion, dramatic to subtle, and produce natural vibrations that lead directly to a bite.

Length3 3/8in (87mm)
Weight5/16oz (8.5g)
Hook sizeFront:#8 Center:#8 Rear:#8


  • Long bill

    Responds with alertness and agility to the most sensitive of rod work, the long bill can generate irregular darting action. A handy tool for capturing fish in a large area, the bait has little resistance and reduces stress on the angler’s wrists when jerking.

    Long bill
  • Body design

    Designed to produce stable flight attitude with maximum reduction in air resistance.

    Body design
  • Tungsten weight transfer system

    Thanks to the compound effect of the tungsten weight transfer system and maximum air resistance, anglers can cast accurately and comfortably make a pointed approached to a desired spot even against head winds.

    Tungsten weight transfer system