No explanation needed. Pure power. WH-8, the 8 foot diver.

A successor to the WH-5 bite inducer, the WH-8 sinks 8 feet deep. We’ve kept the original attributes of the WH-5 and added a capacity for depth that leaves little chance for escape for the bass. Of course, with the WH-8 anglers get to enjoy the original WH-5’s superior capacity for avoiding snags. Using its ability to explore depths, the WH-8 can go deep and approach the bottom in ways previously not possible. Furthermore, compared with the original, the new deep model has a larger body that makes for better casting and bite-inducing appeal. During the early spring 2014 Bassmaster Classic at Lake Guntersville, Shimizu was pulling out 5-pounders out of the water three days in a row; and, later in the fall during a TV shoot, again, consecutive 5-pounders. The results speak for themselves. Regardless of field or season, the WH-8 is a powerhouse that forms the core of Shimizu’s cranking career. No other explanation needed.

Length2 1/3in (60mm)
Weight9/16oz (16.5g)
Hook sizeFront:#5 Rear:#4


  • Three-dimensional hyper lip design

    The 3-D hyper lip design successfully grabs the water firmly, combining wobbling and rolling action at a high level. Biting can be induced with line winding and not merely with the two-dimensional action of bottom bumping. The design brings out the lure’s ability to slide over hard cover like logs and riprap.

    Three-dimensional hyper lip design
  • Body design

    The hyper lip has the outstanding ability to slip through obstacles and is designed to resist water during retrieve, avoid structures, resist air when casting, and achieve distance even without a weight transfer system.

    Body design
  • Full tungsten fixed weights

    Two large tungsten weights form a low center of gravity. The weights were fixed up higher toward the front than the original for greater depth range, contributing to sharper movement without succumbing to water pressure but with the same quality of action seen in the original model.

    Full tungsten fixed weights
  • Hook Balance

    Decreasing the size of the front hook but increasing the one in the back, and minimizing movement of the front hook during action allows for easy hooking but a difficult release. Other advantages include less snagging and a higher probability of hooking fish.

    Hook Balance