The highest level of trust an angler should be able to place on a lure. A crankbait that generates bites.

The number one condition bass fishing pro Morizo Shimizu seeks in his crankbaits is decidedly simple, whether the line is thick or retrieves at high speed: they have to maintain the performance of lure all the time. Strong swimming may sound almost too simple, but the phrase denotes the highest level of trust an angler should be able to place on a lure. The WH-5 has been the source of Shimizu’s tournament victories and continues to build on those strong performances. The repeated TV, magazine and other media coverage of big bass getting caught in a raging fury of waves even during its pre-release prototype phase underscores the fact that the WH-5 is the real deal when it comes to shallow crankbaits. Only those who have repeated the simple act of casting and reeling over and over will understand the absolute power of the WH-5.

Length2in (52mm)
Weight5/16oz (9.6g)
Hook sizeFront:#7 Rear:#5


  • Three-dimensional hyper lip design

    The 3-D hyper lip design successfully grabs the water firmly, combining wobbling and rolling action at a high level. Biting can be induced with line winding and not merely with the two-dimensional action of bottom bumping. The design brings out the lure’s ability to slide over hard cover like logs and riprap.

    Three-dimensional hyper lip design
  • Body design

    The hyper lip has the outstanding ability to slip through obstacles and is designed to resist water during retrieve, avoid structures, resist air when casting, and achieve distance even without a weight transfer system.

    Body design
  • Full tungsten fixed weights

    Weights are all tungsten with a low gravity center. A fixed weight system was used intentionally to maximize the lively action produced by the lip with its body balance.

    Full tungsten fixed weights
  • Hook Balance

    Decreasing the size of the front hook but increasing the one in the back, and minimizing movement of the front hook during action allows for easy hooking but a difficult release. Other advantages include less snagging and a higher probability of hooking fish.

    Hook Balance