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For casting or mastering obstacles, the CR-4 is your secret weapon for shallow waters.

The CR-4 is a shallow model that produces unbelievable distance thanks to the synergistic effect of the tungsten weight transfer system and weights fixed at a low gravitational center, combined with the design of the body and lip. The wide-square lip design and its Hi-pitch wobble effective in shallow waters make the CR-4 the most robust in the CR series with powerful obstacle avoidance performance not only through rocks but wood cover. Its ability to achieve distance in a stable manner means anglers have an easier time casting accurately with a light touch. The CR-4 can be cast into tight spaces and approach obstacles to trace fish closer with precision, which are features indispensable to shallow crank baits. The CR-4 is the angler’s powerful ally that promises results.

Length2 1/4in (58mm)
Weight7/16oz (12.6g)
Hook sizeFront:#6 Rear:#6


  • Tungsten weight transfer system

    A tungsten weight system along with a body and lip designed for minimum air resistance produce remarkable distance and accuracy.

    Tungsten weight transfer system
  • Fixed weight at low gravitational center

    The lure is mounted with a system of moving gravity center, but fixing its weight at a low center of gravity produces a fast swim start and great action response. It forms the base for a variety of retrieve speeds, from slow to fast.

    Fixed weight at low gravitational center
  • Wide-square lip

    The lip has a wide, square design that extends sideways. Although it has a short lip, its ability to clear not only hard bottoms, but also laydowns, is outstanding.

    Wide-square lip
  • Hexagonal body line

    The cross-section of the hexagonal body is effective not just for water displacement but also for visual interest from flashing colors and lights.

    Hexagonal body line