Conquering the shallows. Shimizu’s secret weapon of choice, the WH-3.

Morizo Shimizu is painfully aware of the difference a lure’s performance will make when a tournament takes place in the shallows. The WH-3 is the tool he turns to for its power to attract. Shimizu has spent a lot of time pulling in fish in a variety of fields in the US and Japan, refining the WH-3 into a powerful fish magnet that induces bites just by winding. It can submerge 3 feet underwater, maneuver shallow areas and avoid obstacles with ease. Even when it runs without touching the bottom, it magnets the fish and induces bites. Keeping the WH-5 tradition alive, the WH-3 is the ultimate in shallow crankbaits.

Length2in (52mm)
Weight3/8oz (10.0g)
Hook sizeFront:#7 Rear:#5


  • Three-dimensional hyper lip design

    The 3-D hyper lip design successfully grabs the water firmly, combining wobbling and rolling action at a high level. Biting can be induced with line winding and not merely with the two-dimensional action of bottom bumping. The design brings out the lure’s ability to slide over hard cover like logs and riprap.

    Three-dimensional hyper lip design
  • Body design

    The hyper lip has the outstanding ability to slip through obstacles and is designed to resist water during retrieve, avoid structures, resist air when casting, and achieve distance even without a weight transfer system.

    Body design
  • Low-gravity weights

    By increasing the internal chamber capacity, we succeeded in boosting its weight. This has translated into better castability, and sharper but stable action.

    Low-gravity weights
  • Hook Balance

    Decreasing the size of the front hook but increasing the one in the back, and minimizing movement of the front hook during action allows for easy hooking but a difficult release. Other advantages include less snagging and a higher probability of hooking fish.

    Hook Balance