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This crankbait is used for catching big bass, by triggering an aggressive biting from the big bass.

The most powerful of the CR series, the CR-2 creates powerful and violent waves that trigger an aggressive response from the big bass.With its super-wide wobble action that causes tremendous water displacement, the CR-2 is an imposing presence that rivals its rather compact size, attracting even reluctant bass and inducing them into a reaction bite.The long-distance fast retrieve that takes advantage of the lure’s excellent stability in its fast retrieve will outclass even the most nervous big bass without any pressure.Its cover cranking performance is outstanding. It relies on a wide-square bill to avoid snags through shallow cover, laydowns, grass, reeds, riprap and other obstacles.In slow retrieve, the lure firmly takes hold of the water and maneuvers through narrow strike zones with powerful force to attract the fish.The CR-2 outperforms other shallow cranks in both appeal and reaction bite induction. Its effectiveness has been proven many times over with big fish. Bite-inducing shallow crankbait CR-2, for big bass.

Length2 1/4in (58mm)
Weight7/16oz (13.0g)
Hook sizeFront:#6 Rear:#6


  • Tungsten weight transfer system

    A tungsten weight system along with a body and lip designed for minimum air resistance produce remarkable distance and accuracy.

    Tungsten weight transfer system
  • Fixed weight at low gravitational center

    The lure is mounted with a system of moving gravity center, but fixing its weight at a low center of gravity produces a fast swim start and great action response. It forms the base for a variety of retrieve speeds, from slow to fast.

    Fixed weight at low gravitational center
  • Wide-square lip

    The lip has a wide, square design that extends sideways. Although it has a short lip, its ability to clear not only hard bottoms, but also laydowns, is outstanding.

    Wide-square lip
  • Hexagonal body line

    The cross-section of the hexagonal body is effective not just for water displacement but also for visual interest from flashing colors and lights.

    Hexagonal body line