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PC-5<br><span style=color:#FF0000;>【NEW】</span>
PC-5<br><span style=color:#FF0000;>【NEW】</span>

A world standard small crank piccolo created by Morizo Shimizu.

Easy casting ability while still having a small body and fixed weight. Striking the best flight distance beyond the common of all small crank baits. A sharp action that moves the water by grasping the water firmly and a pull feeling transmitted to the hand and can be used with the same feeling as a normal size crankbait. Easy to use small crank bait with balanced buoyancy, reduced trapping technology and a rapid diving ability.



Length1-1/2" (40mm)
Weight1/4 oz (6.4g)
Hook size#8 Front Hook / #8 Rear Hook


  • Round body

    Round shape that secures air capacity inside the body and creates sufficient buoyancy.
    ・ Equipped with the necessary and sufficient amount of weight to increase the flight distance. One size larger # 8 hook can be mounted on the body.

    Round body
  • One point concentrated low center of gravity fixed weight

    Weights are concentrated on the lowest part of the body.
    ・ The sharpness of the action has increased due to the lower center of gravity.
    ・ Because the center of gravity is fixed and the action is stable, swim more stably and dive deeper than normal center of gravity balance.
    ・ Because unnecessary ribs can be eliminated, the air capacity inside the body increases, contributing to increased buoyancy.

    One point concentrated low center of gravity fixed weight
  • Horizontal Widelon Grip 

    Contributes to long cast with an angle and shape that eliminates air resistance as much as possible.
    ・ Grasp water in a wide area and dive at a steep angle.

    Horizontal Widelon Grip 
  • Yokoai

    As the body volume (= buoyancy) is secured and a # 8 hook, which is one size larger than the body size, can be installed, a horizontal eye that prevents entanglement between hooks is adopted.

  • Hooks

    High-strength treble hook and treble magic fluorine coat specifications that are easy to hook and hard to bale. (Size: # 8)